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Last call for Great Eastern SG50 GUARANTEED SAVER single premium endowment promotion ending on 31/8/2015

This is a single premium non-participating endowment plan with a 5-year policy term. This plan provides financial protection against death and total and permanent disability during the policy term and a maturity benefit at the end of the policy term. It also pays out guaranteed annual survival benefit starting from the end of the first policy year.

Key features of SG50 Guaranteed Saver

  1. Guaranteed payout of 2% will be payable annually for 5 years
  2. Guaranteed 100% of Single Premium will be payable at the end of the policy term.

The annual guaranteed 2% payout (survival benefit) at the end of every policy year can be reinvested with Great Eastern at a projected rate of 3%. Kindly refer to the image below


The minimum amount of the single premium is S$20,000. This plan is applicable for cash and SRS and is suitable for

  1. Individuals looking for guaranteed yearly interest and capital guaranteed plan.
  2. Individuals who are risk averse for their cash savings.
  3. Individuals who wish to enjoy tax savings via SRS.

Update: This SG50 promotion is over on 31/8/2015!

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