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Protect your baby with pediatrician insurance

Why do you need pediatrician insurance that covers your baby’s PD treatment? For parents with newborns or month-old babies, one vexing problem is the healthcare costs for your child. Newborn kids need plenty of care and attention to prevent them from falling ill or accident falls.

Most insurance policies do not provide coverage for pediatrician outpatient treatment. MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plan with riders do not cover outpatient treatment if it is not related to a hospitalisation.

Pediatrician Insurance

When such cases do happen, sending your child to the pediatrician or general practitioner can rack up your medical bills. Even then, regular checkups for your child already amount to a fair bit in your expenses. Such costs are undoubtedly worth it if it means ensuring the safety of your child.

Despite that, it is prudent to save where you can, and ensure that your child is insured with a comprehensive insurance policy.

Pediatrician insurance for your child to ensure that your child is healthy and safe while you, as a parent, are covered and protected expenses-wise.

We recommend medical insurance that covers your baby’s inpatient and outpatient treatment (especially pediatrician bills) for your baby that will help solve your problems.

Newborns are directed to the paediatric department by the general practitioner as newborn babies require a specialised form of care. Therefore, it is advisable to get the pediatrician insurance for baby as this will ensure full coverage for your child.

In general, parents are advised to purchase the Integrated Shield plan that will cover the hospitalisation fee. However, with the added pediatrician insurance for baby, this will ensure coverage for additional paediatric costs.

Why should you buy the Integrated Shield Plan AND Pediatrician Insurance for baby?

If, and when, your child is brought into childcare, the chances of them falling sick increase. Therefore, the pediatrician insurance will cover medical cost for the outpatient visits.

The Integrated Shield Plan (MediShield Life upgrade via the various insurers) covers the hospitalisation cost, and the PD insurance can help to cover the deductible and co-insurance. This means that there will be little or no additional costs that you would need to fork out from your pocket.

There is currently an ongoing promotion rate with a discount for the first year of the Pediatrician insurance plan.

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Besides pediatrician insurance, you may want to consider a life insurance policy for your child.

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