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Pros and Cons of NTUC VivoAssure

NTUC VivoAssure is a participating regular premium whole life plan that covers death, total & permanent disability, and different stages of dread diseases (early, intermediate and advanced stage). It is launched in March 2019 and it is suitable for those seeking lifetime insurance coverage with limited payment.

It offers the flexibility to choose the protection level up to 500% of sum assured (in the multiple of 100%). In addition to the multiplier, it provides an additional 200% of sum assured for accidental death.

It also has seven payment options: 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years or until 64 age last birthday. It is important to know that NTUC uses age last birthday (ALB) in the product illustration aka quotation while other insurers may use age next birthday (ANB)

NTUC VivoAssure
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Pros of NTUC VivoAssure

  1. Premiums waived upon retrenchment (terms and conditions apply).
  2. Additional accidental death benefit until age 70.
  3. Restoration Benefit restores 50% of the Early Protect Accelerator rider coverage for stroke, major cancers and heart attack of specified severity.
  4. Provides one of the shortest payment terms of 5 years that is usually not offered by several other insurers. The 5 years limited payment option is partially useful for young children and adults approaching their retirement.

Cons of NTUC VivoAssure

  1. The guaranteed cash value is lower compared to many similar plans in the market.
  2. While the premium of this plan is competitive, there are cheaper options available that you may worth exploring
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