About NTUC Gro Retire Ease

NTUC Gro Retire Ease is distributed by NTUC Income agents, CIMB relationship managers and financial advisors representatives. It is previously known as NTUC RevoRetire before it is renamed to NTUC Gro Retire Ease.

NTUC Gro Retire Ease has many policy features that are practical for retirement planning. It is a participating endowment plan that is designed to provide monthly payout during retirement. The policy will pay the monthly payout from the selected retirement age, and it is consists of guaranteed and projected (non-guaranteed) portion.

NTUC Gro Retire Ease​

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Payment Option

There are 3 premium payment options and they are

  1. 10 years
  2. 5 years
  3. Regular payment from policy commencement to 5 years before the start of payout period

Accumulation Period

Accumulation period is the peroid between the policy entry date and the payout period

  1. 10 years
  2. 15 years
  3. Age 55
  4. Age 60
  5. Age 65

Payout Period

NTUC Gro Retire Ease has 3 options of payout period and they are

  1. 10 years
  2. 20 years
  3. 30 years

There is tremendous flexibility to change the selected payout period by exercising an option to change the payout period at least 30 days before the first monthly cash benefit is due. This feature enables the policyholders to make adjustments to better cater to their new retirement needs upon approaching retirement.

Unquie Disability Care Benefit

If the insured is diagnosed with any one of the following disabilities

  1. Loss of use of one limb
  2. Loss of speech
  3. Loss of sight of one eye
  4. Loss of hearing

NTUC Gro Retire Ease pays a lump sum benefit of 6 times guaranteed monthly benefit and waives the premium of the remaining policy term if the policy is in the accumulation period. If the payout has started, the policy will pay an additional one month of the guaranteed cash benefit on top of each monthly cash benefit until policy termination.

Pros of NTUC Gro Retire Ease

  1. High flexibility to change the payout period to allow one to change the payout to better suit his/her retirement
  2. It offers one of the higher yield to maturity among other insurers’ retirement plan
  3. One can use this as a legacy plan/gift to his dependents to receive a monthly payout for 10/20/30 years.

Cons of NTUC Gro Retire Ease

  1. The policy does not provide coverage for activities of dialy living
  2. There is no lifetime monthly payout option available

Is your retirement plan in order?

  1. Retirement planning is not only about buying a retirement plan.
  2. Besides a constant stream of retirement income, you should also ensure that there will minimum leakage of your retirement funds due to medical issue
  3. You should also look into advance care planning such has  LPA and have a Will in place.

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