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Pros and Cons of Etiqa ePREMIER infinite

Etiqa ePREMIER infinite is a regular premium endowment plan offered by some financial advisers and Maybank bankers. It belongs to a category of endowment plans that allow you to save and grow your money for life while contributing for only a limited number of years. The premium term is effectively four years since there is an automatic premium benefit which will take effect after you have paid four years of premium in full.

Etiqa ePREMIER infinite allows you to enjoy a lifetime of benefits while saving for a limited period only. The plan provides yearly cash benefits starting from as early as the end of the 1st year all the way till you pass away (inclusive of additional cash benefits every 15 years). The cash benefits comprise of both guaranteed and non guaranteed portions. You can choose to receive the cash benefits or to reinvest in the plan at the prevailing rate and withdraw only when needed.

Etiqa ePREMIER infinite

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Pros of Etiqa ePREMIER infinite

  • Flexibility to access cash through cash benefits from as early as the end of 1st year, one of the earliest in the market
  • The interest rate on cashback is usually higher than bank deposit rates
  • No medical underwriting needed and able to accumulate money for life
  • Stabilised cash payouts are among the higher options in the market

Cons of Etiqa ePREMIER infinite

  • Guaranteed and projected cash benefits are much lower in the first 10 years as compared to other plans
  • Reinvestment rate is not guaranteed and is lower than some of the other plans in the market
  • One of the lowest IRR based on both guaranteed values and 4.75% projections

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