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Pros and Cons of AXA Early Stage CritiCare

Axa Early Stage CritiCare is a standalone term plan that provides comprehensive critical illness coverage. In addition to advanced stages of critical illness coverage, this policy also includes the coverage of early to intermediate stages as well as terminal stages for selected conditions. The plan also provides a special benefit coverage that covers an additional 5 special conditions. Coverage term for this plan ranges from 15 years all the way up to age 75.

As a standalone plan, Axa Early Stage CritiCare provides coverage of up to 100% of sum assured capped at S$200,000 for early and intermediate stages of Critical Illness. For advanced stages, up to 100% of sum assured is payable and for Terminal stages, up to 150% of sum assured is payable. The special benefit coverage provides an additional 10% of sum assured, capped at S$25,000. Under the special benefit, each condition can only be claimed once and up to 5 claims can be made, which does not reduce the basic critical illness sum assured.

There is also a benefit to reimburse you for health check-up after a successful claim under critical illness benefit is made. Up to S$2,500 per year (capped at S$7,500 per policy) can be claimed and future premiums are also waived once a successful CI claim is made.

AXA Early Stage CritiCare

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Pros of Axa Early Stage CritiCare

  1. Coverage for terminal stages can be up to 150% of sum assured
  2. Post Critical Illness Health Check Up Benefit
  3. Enjoy additional premium discount if this plan is purchased together with another eligible plan

Cons of Axa Early Stage CritiCare

  1. Number of special benefit conditions is lesser than similar plans
  2. Maximum coverage for early/intermediate conditions is lower than other plans
  3. Nominal death benefit coverage of S$15,000 only

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