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Pros and Cons of AXA CritiCare for Him

AXA CritiCare for Him is a gender-specific regular premium term plan which provides coverage for selected male related illnesses and death. There is a separate plan for female related illnesses. This plan is often positioned as being complementary to existing critical illness coverage, and plan term is up to age 65.

There are 4 main coverages for AXA CritiCare for Him:

  1. Male Illness Benefit
  2. Surgery Benefit
  3. Reconstructive Surgery or Skin Grafting Benefit
  4. Support Benefit

Items 1 to 3 pays out up to 100% of sum assured for each category while item 4 pays out up to S$25,000. Do note that there is a reset feature under item 1 where if the cumulative claims are less than 100%, the coverage will be reset (up to a maximum of 150% of sum assured). Hence, you could potentially claim up to 150% for item 1 and the maximum payout under the plan is 350% of sum assured + S$25,000.

AXA CritiCare for Him

There are also some other peripheral benefits like a premium waiver for 36 months, Biennial Health Screening starting from the 25th month and free child cover of up to S$5,000 for major critical illness.

Pros of AXA CritiCare for Him

  1. Availability of supplementary critical illness related coverage not otherwise found to provide more comprehensive coverage for critical illness exposure
  2. Simplified underwriting resulting in more hassle-free application
  3. Reset feature combined with separate limits for individual core coverage sections leading to maximum potential claims of more than 3.5X of sum assured.

Cons of AXA CritiCare for Him

  1. Overlap of some benefits with critical illness and hospitalization plans
  2. Coverage term does not extend past 65 years old
  3. Maximum sum assured up to S$150,000 only

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