About AIA Retirement Saver (III)

AIA Retirement Saver (III) is distributed by AIA agents, relationship managers (Citibank & CIMB) and Financial Advisors Representative (FAR). It is a limited payment participating endowment which provides monthly Guaranteed Retirement Income for 15 or 20 years.

It does not take into the policyholder’s medical condition into consideration upon sign up, and hence it is a guaranteed issued offer plan. It is a straight forward retirement plan which provides a death benefit of 101% of the total premium paid.

AIA Retirement Saver (III) has a maturity benefit paid out at the end of the policy term. This is attractive to retirees who wish to have both maturity payout and monthly retirement payout.

AIA Retirement Saver (III)

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6 payment term options

  1. Single payment.
  2. Limited payment of 5 years.
  3. Limited payment of 10 years.
  4. Limited payment of 15 years.
  5. Limited payment of 20 years
  6. Limited payment till Retirement Age.

4 retirement age options

  1. Age 55
  2. Age 60
  3. Age 65
  4. Age 70

Participating Fund Group

Based on the AIA’s Participating Fund Update for 2019, the single premium (1 time Payment) version of AIA Retirement Saver (III) belongs to Group 7 of SGD participating fund while the non-Single Premium option belongs to Group 1 of SGD participating fund.

Hence, potential policyholders should refer to the correct participating fund for the reference of historical performance before implementing AIA Retirement Saver (III).

Pros of AIA Retirement Saver (III)

  1. The monthly retirement payout is made up of Retirement Income (guaranteed) and Monthly Dividend (projected). There is a flexibility to choose the monthly withdrawal from 3 different modes during retirement. The 3 modes are
    • Withdraw both Retirement Income and Monthly Dividend
    • Reinvest both Retirement Income and Monthly Dividend with AIA
    • Withdraw Retirement Income and reinvest Monthly Dividend
  2. AIA Retirement Saver (III) has a single premium option can also be funded with SRS.

Cons of AIA Retirement Saver (III)

  1. No disability protection that provides additional guaranteed monthly retirement income if the insured is unable to perform more than one activities of daily living.
  2. AIA Retirement Saver (III)’s guaranteed yield is average when compared with similar retirement plans in the market.

Planning for your retirement?

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  2. Are you looking for a retirement plan that provides a steady stream of income during retirement?
  3. Would you like to compare Pros of AIA Retirement Saver (III) with other insurers and get one that is most suitable to you?

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