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Pros and Cons of AIA Pro Achiever

AIA Pro Achiever is an investment-linked insurance plan (ILP) offered by AIA agents and financial advisors. As compared to the traditional ILP, where a portion of the premium goes into paying for plan charges in the first few years, AIA Pro Achiever is positioned to be used solely for investments as 100% of the premiums are invested from the start.

AIA Pro Achiever is suitable for individuals who are looking to accumulate their wealth and willing to have exposure to investment risks in return for the upside potential of cash value. The plan has a simple fee structure of 2.5% p.a. for the first 12 years*. This supplementary charge stops after 12 years* and the plan provides an additional 5% extra allocation from 13th annual premium onwards.

The structure of the bonus and fees is intended to encourage long-term wealth accumulation to reap the maximum benefit from the investment plan. Do note that on the flipside, this also leads to reduced access to your monies in the first 12 years* as there are partial withdrawal charge and premium holiday charges imposed.

The minimum investment amount for AIA Pro Achiever starts from S$200/month or $2,400/year, and the maximum entry age is up to age 70. Currently, this plan is only available in SGD, and the plan matures at age 100.

*may be extended in certain scenarios

AIA Pro Achiever

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Pros of AIA Pro Achiever

  • 100% premium allocation from the start
  • 5% extra premium allocation from the 13th annual regular premium onwards
  • Limited period of charges as upon 13th annual premium, all charges end except for benefit charge (if any) and fund management charge
  • Option to invest in model portfolios from Mercer
  • Complementary accidental death benefit for first 2 years

Cons of AIA Pro Achiever

  • Charges for first 12 years are higher than similar plans as charges are front-loaded
  • There are partial withdrawal charge and premium holiday charge for first 12 years which limits the access to your monies
  • Limited selection of funds as compared to similar investment plans with only around 30 funds available
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