Frequently Asked Questions

We are licensed financial adviser representatives, and we do not restrict our recommendation from one insurer. All of our representatives are registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

We believe each insurer has its strength and weakness in their range of product. Hence, we always prepare comparisons to provide our clients with choices to choose competitive products that are most suitable for them.

Very often, we enable our client to save more by paying less or get more benefit with a similar payment.

We earn a commission when our clients implement a product with us. The product provider will pay the commission, and we will not charge you a fee.

In rare circumstances that a planning fee is required, we will communicate with you upfront before the commencement of work.

No. You would pay the same amount if you were to buy the same insurance plan from the insurance agent.

Not to worry, we will assist you in claiming the policies. We have experience in critical illness claim and hospitalisation claims.