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Pay your insurance premium with your personal AXS machine on iOS & Android

Started on 12 Aug 2013, you can have your personal AXS machine on your iOS & Android device. Paying insurance premium, credit card bills and miscellaneous have never been easier!


We recommend 2 of the AXS mobile app’s features:

  1. “eReceipt” that send you an email for all your transaction is made
  2. Store all your payment locally so that you can review them when needed.

This is so that you can check quickly when was you last payment made or if you have made payment for the current month. The mobile app is easy to use and it has most of the function that you need in the physical AXS machine. Do note that your internet banking token is needed upon payment of bills as it cannot accept “Nets” card. Dun forget to take a look our insurance comparison before purchasing your insurance plans. =)

Download the AXS mobile app now!


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