About AXA Pulsar

AXA Pular is offered by AXA agents and financial advisors representatives. It is designed to help one to achieve mid-term and retirement goals. It is a whole life regular premium investment-link policy (ILP) that focus on asset accumulation and provide minimum coverage.

It does not provide insurance coverage for the different stages of critical illnesses, and hence the investment value will not be eroded by high mortality charges of critical illnesses riders. Insurance charge (death) applies only if the policyholder selects the optional enhanced death benefit option.

AXA Pulsar is available in both SGD and USD. The regular investments are held in two accounts

  1. Initial Unit Account (investment for the first 18 months)
  2. Accumulation Units Account (investment from 19th month to the end of the investment period).
AXA Pulsar

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High Start Up Bonus

The start-up bonus offered by AXA Pulsar helps to kick start one’s investment in a rising market. In a downward trending market, the start-up bonus will help to cushion the portfolio.

The bonus will go into the Initial Unit Account, and the amount will depend on

  1. Annualised regular investment amount
  2. Premium payment term

It can go up to 168% of the first year annualised regular investment!

Loyalty Bonus

AXA Pulsar will also offer a loyalty bonus to the Initial Unit Account at the 10th policy anniversary if the investment premium payment term is more than 19 years.

The amount of bonus will depend on

  1. Total investment premium during the first ten years
  2. Investment top-up (if any) 
  3. Withdrawal (if any)

This bonus will provide an additional boost to your investment.

Access To Non-Retail Funds

AXA Pulsar provides access to institutional or accredited investors funds that have a good track record but are not available to the general public.

Low Entry Level

AXA Pulsar starts from a monthly investment of S$300 and is lower than similar investment plans in the market.

Life Replacement Option

This option provides an avenue for the policyholder to leave a legacy without disruption upon his/her death.

The policyholder can change the life assured to a family member, and the AXA Pulsar can continue accumulating towards the family’s financial goal even after his/her passing. 

Fees & Charges

The fee structure of AXA Pulsar can be confusing, and we strongly recommend potential customers to go through the product summary in detail with a trusted advisor. An overview of charges is as follow.

  1. Premium charge – only applicable to top-ups (5%)
  2. Bonus recovery charge – only applicable upon a reduction of regular investment premium
  3. Account maintenance fee – chargeable monthly only on the Initial Units Account (4% p.a.) during the regular investment premium term
  4. Policy maintenance fee – chargeable monthly during the regular investment premium term (0.5% p.a.). There will be a 100% refund of this fee at the end of investment premium payment term subject to conditions.
  5. Administration fee – Monthly USD 8 or SGD 10
  6. Investment Management Fee – chargable monthly (1.5% p.a.)
  7. Insurance charge – only applicable if the enhanced death benefit option is selected
  8. Fund management charges – will vary depending on the underlying fund 

Pros of AXA Pulsar

  1. High start-up bonus of up to 168% of the first-year regular investment to kick start your wealth accumulation
  2. Provide access to funds that have a good track record but only available to institutional or accredited investors
  3. The Life Replacement Option may lower/avoid estate duty
  4. AXA provides a comprehensive online tool for fund selection and monitoring. We love it as it is very user friendly!

Cons of AXA Pulsar

  1. The fee structure can be confusing and difficult to understand
  2. Investment return depends on the fund selection and is not guaranteed.
  3. A poorly constructed portfolio may lead to loss of the amount invested.

Are you building your wealth?

  1. Would you like to know more about the AXA Pulsar’s fee structure and how it compared with similar plans in the market?
  2. Will you be interested to know more about the “popular” funds offered in AXA Pulsar that has good historical performance?
  3. Do you want to have an in-depth understanding of AXA Pulsar and better decide if AXA Pulsar is suitable for you?

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